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» We achieve results that others wouldn’t have thought of or would have considered impossible. «

Florian Kraus, Salary Partner


Licensed since 2007

Languages: German, English

  • Attorney at Law at stetter Rechtsanwälte since 2010
  • Legal training in Regensburg and Berlin
  • Certified Specialist in Criminal Law
  • Member of the Munich Bar Association
  • Honorary Judge at the Bavarian Lawyer's Court


Book Contributions

Commentary on §§ 30-35 of the legislation on  inheritance tax and tax on donations (ErbStG) and various rules of the Fiscal Code of Germany (AO), in: Schmid, Nomos Kommentar Nachfolgebesteuerung, Nomos Verlag, Baden-Baden, August 2019


Commentary on §§ 405-412 AO (German Fiscal Code), in: edited by Pfirrmann/Rosenke/Wagner, Beck’scher Onlinekommentar Abgabenordnung (online commentary German Fiscal Code), Verlag C. H. Beck, Munich, January 2017


Essays and Commentaries

Invitations, gifts etc.: The thin line between corruption and fulfillment of duties, BankPraktiker 2012, vol. 9, p. 313

Corruption liability risks under criminal and administrative offenses law for entrepreneurs and members of general management, Banken Times, March/April 2012

Hit and run after deliberate ramming through police car, NZV (New Journal for Traffic Law) 2003, vol. 12, p. 559 (with H. E. Müller)

Parents and the rule of law in youth criminal procedure, an overview of the Federal Constitutional Court decision of 16.01.2003 – 2 BvR 716/01, JA (Legal Worksheets) 2003, vol. 12, p. 892 (with H. E. Müller)



Florian Kraus | Challenges in case of compliance self-disclosures

Corporate practice compliance, Munich


Florian Kraus | Criminal risks of legal practice

Class for trainee lawyers, Munich




Florian Kraus | Searches and seizures

Managing typical entrepreneurial risks: false self-employment, data theft, searches, Stuttgart


Florian Kraus | Dr. Sabine Stetter | Hotspots of white-collar crime and effective lines of defense

Deutsches Anwaltsinstitut e. V., Munich



Dr. Sabine Stetter | Florian Kraus | Hotspots of white collar crime and effective lines of defense

Deutsches Anwaltsinstitut DAI, Heusenstamm


Florian Kraus | Disgorgement in the field of tax crime – current pitfalls

Expert circle, Munich




Florian Kraus | The legal context on corruption offenses in Germany
Chinesische Delegation, CFC GmbH, Munich



Florian Kraus | Corruption manifestations, risks, prevention

34th. Economic Philologists Conference, Passau



Florian Kraus | The legal context on bribery and corruptibility: Examples from practice

College Theme Day, Chair of Business Ethics at the TU Munich




Florian Kraus | What to do, when the prosecutor knocks on the door?
Handelsblatt Seminar, Euroforum, Düsseldorf



Florian Kraus | Criminal liability risks for business leaders and executives
Sparkasse Zollernalb, Balingen




Florian Kraus | On the criminology of corruption Manifestations, risks and prevention

College of Public Administration and Justice in Bavaria, Fürstenfeldbruck and Sulzbach-Rosenberg




Florian Kraus | Corruption Manifestations and consequences

University of the Federal Armed Forces (Bundeswehr), Munich




Florian Kraus | The lawyer as a witness in the eyes of the prosecutor? Implications of the new Code of Criminal Procedure § 160a

ELSA L@W Event, Munich



Florian Kraus, Salary Partner
Where do you get your motivation to fight for your clients?

“As a lawyer there is no more intensive form of counseling than in criminal law when confronting the individual lives and motivations of my clients. As such, criminal law has always been a central theme in my education and career. Following my first state exam I worked in the Faculty for Criminal Law and Criminology at the University of Regensburg and, thereafter, my legal traineeship in Berlin was dedicated almost exclusively to criminal law. The core of my experience can be summed up thus: What the public prosecutor assumes, is mostly not so. This motivates me to analyze each case very exactly ‒ motives, circumstances, personal interests. Pushing oneself to the limit always brings rewards even if, in white collar crime, some files comprise thousands of pages.”