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Our Services

stetter Rechtsanwälte specializes in white collar crime, tax crime, fines/disgorgement and compliance.
In these areas we provide:

Icon Classical consultation

Classical consultation

  • Individual defense
  • Company defense
  • Witness and victim representation
  • Filing of charges
Icon Consultation in an international capacity

Consultation in an international capacity

  • Proceedings involving several countries

  • Requests for mutual legal assistance

  • Hearings with foreign investigators

  • Extradition

Icon Compliance


  • Risk minimization in critical situations

  • Preparation of legal opinions

  • Formulating rules of conduct

  • In-house trainings

Icon Parliamentary Investigative Committees

Parliamentary Investigative Committees

  • Requesting evidence
  • Preparation of interviews with witnesses
  • Accompany of witnesses when they are interviewed
  • Press requests
Icon Crisis Management

Crisis Management

  • Selection and coordination of experts
  • Strategies for crisis management
  • Company-internal investigations
  • Negotiations with domestic and foreign authorities
Icon Emergency Management

Emergency Management

  • Searches
  • Seizures
  • Disgorgements
  • Arrests
Once again, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. You were simply great and gave me terrific advice. If one is already in such a s---, then only with you as lawyers and above all as people.
Top manager of an international corporation
Thank you for the immaculate handling!
Feedback by a global law firm
Thanks to all who have contributed to this fantastic job. Precise, clear, at the point. We are all thrilled and exceedingly grateful.
General counsel of an industry association
It is, without doubt, due to your professional and also human competency that led me to this positive result with perseverance and great commitment.
Managing director of a medium-sized company
Thank you for your candor and constant support. We are all very appreciative.
Senior Vice President of an S&P 500 company
It was a very good decision that you represented me as my attorney. I was especially pleased that the state prosecutor ended the proceedings without any payment from my side. Otherwise, I would have had the feeling to “buy me out”.
Employee of a company
Let me be very clear that we have been thrilled with your work. You have been extremely professional and knowledgeable and we truly value your work on this matter.
Partner of a global law firm
Dr. Stetter and her team applied themselves with great energy and competence to obtaining a resolution to some highly dangerous allegations in advance of court proceedings already set. A perfect recommendation!
International award-winning artist
Congratulations on your endorsements which fully coincide with my personal experience. There is a perfect match of professional competence and human empathy. Many thanks for your great support.
Director of an international bank
In crisis situations, confidentiality and discretion are paramount. This is what we stand for.
Dr. Sabine Stetter