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"Result-oriented, in search of pragmatic solutions, dynamic, competent, highly valued by law firms specialising in civil law, long-time experience in international proceedings"


"Like only few boutique law firms in the field, stetter Rechtsanwälte maintains a solid network of white collar law firms in the USA."


"Brilliant and highly professional."


"Excellent cooperation in labor law cases with interface to criminal law."


"Wide range of services from consulting to defense (corporate and individual), frequently international mandates."
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Chambers and Partners

Sabine Stetter of stetter Rechtsanwälte is newly ranked on the back of superb feedback. She represents corporations and top management in major criminal cases, often covering multiple jurisdictions. Interviewees highlight the practicality of her legal advice, saying: “She is thorough, diligent and accurate in judgements and effective in influencing others.“ Her significant clients include the Archer Daniels Midland Corporation.

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The Legal 500

"The Munich-based unit stetter Rechtsanwälte stands out for its frequent mandates with an international focus, with the team led by the recognised Sabine Stetter offering expertise in medical, labour, foreign trade and environmental criminal law. Recently, the firm has also been frequently consulted on criminal tax matters and allegations of balance sheet manipulation."


"The boutique law firm stetter Rechtsanwälte has a reputation in handling international cases, especially relating to Europe and the USA. Further special fields are medical criminal law, labour criminal law, foreign trade law and environmental criminal law. The mandates range from financial services providers to automobile and the manufactoring sector. The „absolut excellent“ Sabine Stetter has a good record in international cases and is engaged in all current complex cases."

“The team is extremely experienced and knows how to end legal procedures quickly and quietly. The team knows how to handle complex international cases and offers intelligent solutions. The commitment extends far beyond normal consulting.“


“Sabine Stetter is living proof that white collar crime needs absolute specialists.“

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Best Lawyers - "Lawyer of the Year" Report

Dr. Sabine Stetter "Criminal Tax Practice" - Bayern

Listed 2023


Best Lawyers

Dr. Sabine Stetter "Criminal Defense"

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Stephanie Kamp LL.M. "Criminal Defense"

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Dr. Sabine Stetter "Criminal Tax Practice"

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Stephanie Kamp LL.M. "Criminal Tax Practice"
Listed 2024


Dr. Sabine Stetter "Tax Law"

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Lisa Plum "Corporate Governance and Compliance Practice"
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Wirtschaftswoche - Legal All Stars

For the second time in a row, the Munich-based law firm stetter Rechtsanwälte was voted one of the top three law firms in the field of compliance by WirtschafsWoche and the respondents of Handelsblatt Research.
Listed 2021 I 2022 Rank 2



Top Law Firm "White-Collar Crime"

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Top Lawyer Dr. Sabine Stetter "White-Collar Crime"
Listed 2022 | 2023 | 2024

Top Lawyer Stephanie Kamp LL.M: "White-Collar Crime"

Listed 2022


Top Law Firm "Compliance"

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Top Lawyer Dr. Sabine Stetter "Compliance"

Listed 2019 | 2020 | 2021


Top Lawyer Stephanie Kamp LL.M. "Compliance"

Listed 2024


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White-Collar Crime and Compliance

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Criminal Law

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brandeins - Best Commercial Law Firms

Compliance and White-Collar Crime

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Who’s Who Legal

Category "Business Crime Defence"

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Your criminal law support in my civil law dispute, your competence, and your dedication were sensational and mean a great deal to me personally!
Managing Director of a company
Once again, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. You were simply great and gave me terrific advice. If one is already in such a s---, then only with you as lawyers and above all as people.
Top manager of an international corporation
Thank you for the immaculate handling!
Feedback by a global law firm
Thanks to all who have contributed to this fantastic job. Precise, clear, at the point. We are all thrilled and exceedingly grateful.
General counsel of an industry association
It is, without doubt, due to your professional and also human competency that led me to this positive result with perseverance and great commitment.
Managing director of a medium-sized company
Thank you for your candor and constant support. We are all very appreciative.
Senior Vice President of an S&P 500 company
It was a very good decision that you represented me as my attorney. I was especially pleased that the state prosecutor ended the proceedings without any payment from my side. Otherwise, I would have had the feeling to “buy me out”.
Employee of a company
Let me be very clear that we have been thrilled with your work. You have been extremely professional and knowledgeable and we truly value your work on this matter.
Partner of a global law firm
Dr. Stetter and her team applied themselves with great energy and competence to obtaining a resolution to some highly dangerous allegations in advance of court proceedings already set. A perfect recommendation!
International award-winning artist
Congratulations on your endorsements which fully coincide with my personal experience. There is a perfect match of professional competence and human empathy. Many thanks for your great support.
Director of an international bank
In crisis situations, confidentiality and discretion are paramount. This is what we stand for.
Dr. Sabine Stetter